Meet Angelea Preston from America's Next Top Model


The day after I broke my hand I had an exciting opportunity to photograph Angelea Preston from America’s Next Top Model. My hand REALLY hurt and I was at risk for surgery but at the same time… I REALLY wanted to photograph Angelea Preston. Well, I photographed Angelea. (She is super LONG).  And now my hand is almost fine. (except one finger appears to be shortening on me). coincidence? I think not. I’d like to think working through the pain that night actually helped heal my hand faster because it was the first time my mind was off of my broken hand and onto better things… Either way, Angelea was great to work with and I even learned a thing or two about modeling and how sticking your hand on your hip and staring down the camera naturally makes you appear model like. go ahead. try it. oh yeah, and don’t forget to pick up an Artvoice this week!

Meet Jillmarie, Scott, Millie and Leo

I absolutely adore working with this family.  Last time I met little Leo he was a newborn and now he’s scooting along on his tummy and Millie is chatting me up as I take pictures.  We were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day while the rest of the country is experiencing snow storms. At one point we all looked at each other and said, “wow, it’s hot.” Only in Buffalo. Speaking of Buffalo, the Bills are about to play so stay tuned for more updates later. I’m about to take a 3 1/2 hour photoblogging break 🙂

A getaway to Portland, ME

We spent the long weekend in Portland, Maine. Portland is a colorful city full of places to go, foods to try, and beer to taste.

Here are my favorite photos from our travels:



 Not only that, on the first Friday of the month, artists and musicians line the streets for a mini art festival. How awesome that we happened to be there while it occurred?







Here are us with our great Friends.


A getaway to Toronto.

Whenever Brian and I get a big city urge we head to Toronto for the weekend to help fill our desire.

Priceline has awesome last minute deals and we were able to secure 4 start hotels for $100 a night by naming our price.  Here are a few of the things we saw: toronto_0002toronto_0004toronto_0001