I’m not even sure where to begin with these two. I’ll, (christina here), be shooting Brandi & Matt’s wedding solo at the end of this year down in VA. We made the decision to focus on more intimate weddings & elopements this year and in doing so, we’re now offering single photographer packages for 2016 for weddings under 100 guests. We ultimately prefer to work as a team, but with smaller occasions, we’ve come to realize it isn’t always necessary to have two of us there. Plus, it brought me back to my first year in business as “christina shaw photography” to photograph Brandi & Matt all by my lonesome. I forgot what it was like to work solo, with all of the excitement resting solely on my shoulders. I started the session at Brandi & Matt’s home in Phoenix, AZ so we could capture some of them with their two beautiful dogs. From there we headed to the nearby park Papago Park & finished the session with amazing views of the sunset.

Also, if you get a chance, Brandi runs an amazing travel blog called Adventure Envy & she recently posted on how she’s able to travel as much as she does. I love this post because we’ve been asked the same & her tips are practical and some of the same ones we use :)

Oh & in other news, Brian & I just signed up for a 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge! Eeeek! We’re scared & excited. We’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga for a little over 5 years now & this will be our first 30 day challenge. We’ll keep you posted with our progress.
Scottsdale, AZ Wedding PhotographerPINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0001PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0002PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0006PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0031PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0004PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0037PINScottsdale Wedding Photographer Engagement session at Papago ParkPINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0010PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0012PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0013PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0014PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0021PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0022PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0035PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0017PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0036PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0019PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0029PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0024PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0026PINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0027PINPhoenix Wedding PhotographersPINdesert_engagement_papago_Park_scottsdale_arizona_wedding_photographers_0009PINScottsdale Wedding Photographer Engagement session at Papago ParkPIN

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Good Morning! We’re so excited to announce that Christina is teaming up with Mary Dougherty & Sarah Bridgeman for a one day Photography Workshop (July 9th, in our home!),  centered on building and growing your business.

We have teamed up with some of the most amazing, generous sponsors: Check out our new WOVEN page to find out all the good details and we hope to see you there :)

PS- we’re running a big giveaway on instagram if you’re interested in winning a seat!

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    Christina is so excited to be teaming up with two other amazing photographers for a one day photography workshop centered on building & growing your business! A instagram seat giveaway is being announced this morning :)ReplyCancel